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Garden Page 4

A big restoration project in Cornwall is the Lost Gardens of Heligan, where in 1914 the gardening staff went off to war and did not return, as a result the gardens went to 'sleep' and were not rediscovered until 1990. A massive restoration project was then started and the gardens opened to the public in 1992 to enable funds to be raised to continue the work and to enable visitors to follow the restoration work. the restored gardens are being replanted and run as they would have been in their heyday. If you want to read more on this you can visit the website at '' or purchase the book " The lost gardens of Heligan' by Tim Smit from Amazon

During the autumn of 1998 a pergola & arbour was constructed and planted. In January and February a pond was dug and the surrounds planted, this year the concreted area along the rear of the cottage is due to be replaced with some form of paving, the style of this has yet to be decided. Whatever you do please find time to enjoy your garden and the provision of permanent garden seating will help towards this aim. We are just waiting now for our work to grow into a good looking mature garden........................

   Hydrangea macrophylla                                    Lavatera 'olbia Barnsley'


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